Prepress Setup and Graphic Design

professional graphic design

Input Technology has been providing top of the line prepress design services for more than a decade as part of its full service package. Our business plan involves relationships with advertising agencies and freelance graphic designers. With fast and reliable resources at our disposal we take the hassle out of project planning.

Our network of creative professionals is the perfect solution for postcard designs, business card designs, and more. We have our own prepress setup department that handles quick projects in-house. So if you already have some design ideas and need the most cost-effective solution; we'll handle it in-house.

Creative Print Design is one of the most important aspects of any marketing project. Don't waste money on ineffectively designed media. For complex marketing projects and corporate branding we can recommend an Advertising / Marketing Agency we have a relationship with and have worked with in the past. We'll only recommend a firm that has experience in your company's particular industry.

The bottom-line is Input Technology will work with you to make sure your direct marketing message gets through to your client base. As a Marketing Service Provider our goal is to provide you with all the resources necessary to take your concept right through production.

Mail Piece Physical Standards:

  • Physical Standards for Letters/Cards PDF|HTML
  • Designing Letters/Cards for Automation PDF|HTML
  • Tabs/Wafer Seals PDF|HTML
  • Physical Standards for Discount Flats PDF|HTML
  • Designing Flats for Automation PDF|HTML

Guidelines & Help Documents:

  • Prepress Guidelines PDF
  • Prepress: InDesign PDF
  • Prepress: QuarkXPress PDF

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