Transactional Documents - Design, Print, & Mail

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Let ITi take the hassle out of such repetitive and time consuming tasks as monthly invoices and statements. We simplify these tasks from the initial receiving of data through the entire printing process.

Transactional Document Printing is a complex task for a company or organization to handle. Government Municipalities, Utility Providers, and Businesses all realize the benefits of using ITi to handle their monthly and annual printing & mailing of statements, invoices, and other transactional documents.

We can add new business logic, calculations, and sorting schemes during the data conversion. We can also eliminate duplicates and match and sort records for inserting into one envelope for increased postal savings. We can even merge multiple records for printing on one statement or invoice. Take advantage of our expert invoice design services and allow us to update your current transactional documents, add marketing messages, and save time.

ITi is Currently Processing and Mailing:

  • Purchase Invoices
  • Municipality Statements
    • Water Bills
    • Sewer & Trash Bills
  • 401k and W-2 Statements
  • Annual Tax Statements
  • Collection Letters
  • and other Critical Documents

Transactional Capabilities:

  • OMR Multi-Page Inserting
  • MICR Laser Printing
  • Custom Programming
  • Statement Consolidation
  • 100% Match Integrity Audits
  • and other Experts Solutions

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Last Updated: 06.13.24